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Easi-Dec Access Platform

  • Flexibility to quickly change work locations
  • Cost effective alternative to scaffolding
  • Long-life durability and non-corrosive aluminum
  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage and transportation
  • Load tested for 750 lbs
  • Use with a 20’ double extension ladder
  • Consists of only 8 parts

Right Tool for the Job

Easi-Dec is a scaffold alternative designed for the smaller jobs, giving access to the wall, second floor windows or soffits and gutters for maintenance and repair work. The platform is assembled in a matter of minutes, and can be lifted and shifted around a building with ease.

Easy to Use

The Easi-Dec is a 6.6ft long platform on adjustable telescopic legs, it’s built on the ground and then quickly raised to the required working height, giving the user a fully certified, safe, stable platform to work from.


The Easi-Dec can be transported in either a in a cargo van or on a truck rack and can be installed and ready to start work in less than 10 minutes, a huge time saving advantage over traditional scaffolding.


  •   Cost effective alternative to scaffolding
  •   No tools assembly feature
  •   Quick and simple to construct
  •   Height adjustable in seconds
  •   Can be moved and relocated in seconds
  •   Consists of only 8 parts
  •   Lightweight and compact: easy storage and transportation
  •   Independently adjustable legs to cope with uneven or sloping ground
  •   Long-life durability
  •   Non-corrosive aluminum
  •   Flexibility to quickly change work locations