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KeeLine® The Safety Solution for Horizontal Life Lines

KeeLine® is an engineered horizontal lifeline system comprising electro-polished AISI Grade 316 stainless steel brackets and 5/16" (8mm) 7 X7 IWRC wire and detachable travelers to provide flexible, continuous personal protection for multiple users working at height.

The system incorporates an Inline Shock Absorber that minimizes the maximum end load to less than 2,248lbs (10kN) to the structure in the event of a fall.

To ensure simple specification, the KeeLine® Calculator estimating tool is available.

KeeLine® is available in several versions providing allowing it to be used in multiple applications.

KeeLine® for Roofs

The combination of the Inline Shock Absorber and zinc primed and powder coated steel roof anchors, that require minimal or non-penetrating fixings, allows the system to be installed to various lightweight modern roof constructions.

KeeLine® for Structures

Stainless steel brackets for fitting to directly to structures, including concrete, steel, stonework or brickwork either horizontally or overhead.

KeeLine® Overhead

For fixing directly to structures where the system is best suited above the user. Incorporates permanently attached wheeled travellers that smoothly pass intermediate support brackets at spans up to 78' (24m)

KeeLine® for Postanka

Stainless steel components c/w M12 fixings for use with our own POSTANKA range of fabricated posts or for use with any suitable engineered fabricated post.

Non-penerative option

When there is a preference not to penetrate the roof at all,  KeeLine® can be used in conjunction with the WIREANKA product line of counterweight anchors for permanent or temporary applications.

KEELINE conforms to ANSI Z359.1 2007, OSHA1910.66, 1926.502, CSA Z259, EN795 Class C and AS/NZS1891.2 and is CE marked to the European PPE directive.

Termination options

The KeeLine® system is offered with either mechanically swaged end terminations, which require the use of a swaging machine or Swageless fittings that can be fitted using standard wrenches.

Benefits & Features

  • Efficient heavy duty in-line absorber removes the need for expensive ‘fall over’ style posts at every bracket position.
  • Maximum 50 feet (15m) span in between supports
  • Accommodates corners and varying building shapes
  • Comprehensive range of mounting options
  • Allows for multiple users
  • Modular design for easier specification and simplified installation
  • Only two standard base plate options needed for wide range of standard roofs including metal profile, standing seam and membrane roofs
  • Grade 316 stainless steel 5/16" (8mm) diameter wire and brackets
  • Available with non-penetrating roof WIREANKA option
  • Conforms with appropiate OSHA/ANSI standards
  • Idependantly tested to the requirements of CSA 13-04 & 16-04

KeeLine Traveller

  • Allows user to detach or attach at any point on system
  • No moving parts
  • Passes corners and intermediates without needing to detach from the system
  • Made of electro-polished cast 316 stainless steel


The KeeLine® system is patent protected by GB 2389386